Ben Affleck snapped without wedding band amid divorce rumors

Ben Affleck‘s recent appearance without his wedding ring has done nothing the quell rumors of marital trouble with Jennifer Lopez.

Their rekindled romance, once an example of second chance relationships, now faces new challenges, including separate living arrangements and intense public scrutiny. The couple is also dealing with the lingering shadows of their past relationships.

The speculation began on May 18 when TMZ shared a photo of Ben Affleck inside a car, notably without his wedding ring on his left finger as he adjusted the sun visor. This ringless sighting immediately sparked rumors that Affleck and his wife of nearly two years, Jennifer “JLo” Lopez, might be on the verge of splitting.

Reactions from fans and onlookers were swift and varied.

One user commented: “Kinda not surprised. They both need to just learn to be happy on their own.”

Another simply stated: “Sorry but I am not surprised at all!”

The sight of Ben without his ring added fuel to the fire, prompting comments like, “Oh no, not his wedding ring,” and, “Soooo maybe it’s NOT a rumor,” suggesting there might be deeper issues at play.

Some users questioned Affleck’s motives, with one asking: “Isn’t he showing that hand up on purpose tho?”

Amidst the speculation, another suggested that Ben “should have stayed with Jennifer Garner.”

One commenter was more sympathetic, saying: “I just hope and pray that she takes a lot of time out for herself and stops running into things that she doesn’t need to do, especially getting married soon after coming out of a relationship.”

The same user then added: “I hope Ben is all right and he gets past all of this, and life goes on for him in a better way. I wish them both the very best of luck in life.”

Another fan was hopeful, stating: “I certainly hope not…I really pray they stay together for the long run. They really love each other, I’m sure!”

The story took an unexpected twist on May 19 when another photo surfaced, showing Ben wearing his wedding ring again as he drove his car in Los Angeles.

This came shortly after Ben and JLo were seen together in public for the first time in 47 days on May 17. They were spotted in a parking lot, with JLo carrying a bouquet of flowers and Ben holding some papers after attending an event for Ben’s children, which was also attended by his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

Later that evening, Ben was seen picking up JLo and her daughter, Emme Muñiz, outside a school. Ben leaned over the car’s center console to open the door for JLo, who sat in the front seat, while Emme got into the back. With a serious expression, Ben then drove away from the school.

While the speculation about their relationship continues, these recent sightings suggest that Ben and JLo are still together, despite the public’s constant scrutiny which, as the pair has previously said, was part of the reason they split during the early 2000s.

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