A lady is upset because her bottom doesn’t fit in the airplane seat. She thinks planes should adjust to fit different body types.

A blogger has brought up a new worry that’s making people argue. She believes that the seats on planes nowadays don’t fit well with the bodies people have now.

Keep reading to find out more about the problem she has with airlines!

Gracie, who is 26 years old and famous for her curvy body, faced a problem with airline seats that she felt was important to share with the public.

She shared a video on Instagram to explain her issue. She thinks airplanes aren’t made for curvy people like her. The aisle, seat, and seatbelt don’t fit her well. She wants airlines to listen to her complaints and fix the problem.

Gracie Bon from Panama posted a video to show how curvy women struggle to fit into airplane seats. In the video, she looks upset while trying to fasten her seatbelt on the plane.

Later, she’s seen on a moving walkway in an airport, saying, “Airplanes are too small for big people. It’s 2024. Bodies are changing, so planes should too. I won’t lose my butt to fit on a plane. So give me another solution, or just make the seats bigger.”

Bon further clarified her point by saying, “Today I took a flight, and even though I was in first class, I still couldn’t fit in the airplane seat. This is a request for all airlines to make accommodations so that big girls like me can fly comfortably.”

She has a large bottom and asked the airline to think about making their seats larger. She simply said, “Please just make them bigger.”

Gracie’s video on Instagram became very popular and received over 81,000 likes. Many people left comments disagreeing with Gracie and didn’t think she was correct.

Someone commented, “You should buy two seats instead of one; it seems like you have enough money.” Another person added, “Whose fault is it? Nobody made you get the surgeries.”

But there were more people who agreed with her. One person wrote, “I agree. I also need a bigger seat and a softer seatbelt buckle.” Another person defended Gracie by saying, “The only surgery she had was a tummy tuck. Her hips are naturally that large.”

Gracie has been honest about having a tummy tuck surgery. She has shared pictures showing her body before and after the surgery, and it’s clear that her thighs were always that size.

Many times accused of having many surgeries on her body and face, she decided to address some of these rumors on her Instagram in January 2024.

She reassured her fans that she hasn’t had any surgery on her face, and to prove her point, she shared an old photo of herself.

She further explained, “Many people say to me: ‘If you had loved yourself, you would have stayed the same and not changed anything about yourself.’ The truth is, I loved my body so much that I wanted to take care of it. I didn’t like having knee pain, struggling to breathe properly, or facing rejection from my ex-partner. So, I did everything I could to lose weight,” Gracie said.

Even after she explained, many still accuse her of having surgery. One critic said, “When did changing yourself so much that you don’t look like you anymore become a way to love yourself?”

Another person added, “As a woman, I would prefer it if celebrities were completely honest about their cosmetic procedures.”

And someone else said, “If you really loved yourself, you wouldn’t have changed how you look at all. What you did goes against what you say.”

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