73-Year-Old Richard Gere Was Hospitalized All Of A Sudden On His Family Vacation

Fans continue to adore Richard Gere despite spending decades in the spotlight. In 2018, the 73-year-old guy wed Alejandra Silva, a very outspoken woman, for the third time.

Because of this, when tragedy struck while the family was on vacation, she was very honest about the events that led to Richard Gere being hospitalized. Continue reading to learn more.

Mexico was the destination of a journey taken by Richard Gere, his wife Alejandra Silva, and their two kids. The group went on a tropical vacation to celebrate Alejandra’s 40th birthday.

She was very open and honest about the catastrophe that had occurred while the family was on vacation. Richard Gere had been hospitalized. Learn more by continuing to read…

Richard Gere, his wife Alejandra Silva, and their two children were on holiday in Mexico. To celebrate Alejandra’s 40th birthday, they took a trip.

The actor reportedly contracted the flu while on vacation with his family, according to sources. The actor’s agent verified this to NBC News but declined to provide any other details.

The news source then disclosed that although the actor from The American Gigolo already had a cough, it had gotten worse when he was in Mexico. He visited a hospital due to his worsening cough, and there pneumonia was identified. The actor was released the next day after spending the night in the hospital being watched.

Alejandra Gere, Richard Gere’s wife, provides information about their personal lives and validates what we already known.

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At a nearby restaurant, Richard Gere celebrates his father’s 100th birthday.

The actor’s 40-year-old wife saw all the support and concern from fans and decided to put a stop to the rumors and questions on social media. She captioned a photo of herself and Gere going hand-in-hand with their son.

She captioned the image, “I woke up this morning and I saw the news and all your kind and [worried] messages,” she captioned the post. “He is recovering he is feeling much better today!”

She further added, “The worst has already [passed]!” Silva continued. “Thank you all for [your] sweet messages we really appreciate them! ♥️♥️ #thankyou.”

Silva previously wrote on social media, which included information about the family’s illness as a whole.

From Silva’s earlier social media posts, we can infer that the entire family is ill. In a post that included a photo of her and her two kids taking a stroll along the beach, she wrote, “Thank you all for the birthday wishes.. after almost 3 weeks of everyone being sick in our family, today finally I feel much better! Thank you for all the love ❤️ I give it all back to you! #happybirthday #happy40.”

We are so happy that the family is doing well now, she wrote in a post that was accompanied by a photo of herself and her two kids strolling toward the ocean. Join us in wishing them health and wishing them the best of luck!