13-month-old baby dies after mom makes fatal mistake

Cyra Rose Thoeming was born only 13 months ago, according to her parents Jafria and Michael Thoeming.

Less than two months after the toddler’s first birthday party, the couple must now endure the pain of burying their cherished child, whom they referred to as their “light.”

Cyra was strapped into her car seat on July 6 and set down, where she was unintentionally struck by her mother’s automobile and later passed away in the hospital.

The family of Arizona’s Thoeming, who had just celebrated Cyra’s first birthday, is now organizing the toddler’s burial after she passed away outside their Cottonwood, Arizona, home, roughly 100 miles north of Phoenix.

Police said that while trying to maneuver her car out of a small space, the mother, Jafria Thoeming, left the infant Cyra—still buckled in her car seat—”in a gravel area next to the residence.” The sad incident took place at this time.

“The vehicle was parked in a gravel area next to the residence. While maneuvering the vehicle out of a tight space, the mother had positioned the child, within the car seat, in an area she felt was safe,” Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) continued in the release,

“While repositioning the vehicle, the front tire caught the canopy of the car seat, causing it to fall backward which led to the infant suffering critical injuries.”

At the Verde Valley Medical Center, Cyra was declared dead after all attempts to save her life failed. Jafria described her child as a joyful girl who enjoyed smiling. According to her, “Cyra” is a multilingual term for light.

“Cyra Rose was the absolute light of my life…She is so loved and was wanted and needed in my life for sooooo many years. I finally felt complete having her,” Jafria writes on the GoFundMe that was created to help cover funeral expenses.

The GoFundMe raised more than $18,000, and since it exceeded its funding goal, the organizer disabled it. Jafria posted a message on Facebook on May 25, 2022, presenting young Cyra to her family and friends.

The image of the little infant lying on her back is accompanied by the words “Cyra Rose Thoeming” and a framed photograph of a pregnancy test. May 16–22, Earthside. In response to the warm wishes, Jafria writes, “thank you! I am so in love!”

Jafria is a former realtor whose most recent employment is reported as a bank teller on her Facebook, while Cyra’s father, Michael, is identified as a server at a nearby restaurant in internet records about him.

On July 8, Michael wrote on his Facebook, “I will always be your Father which is the greatest title I have ever held in this life…My every waking moment is dedicated to being the man that you made me. I love you Cyra Rose”

Family and friends were generous with their heartfelt thoughts and financial support for the pair.

“There are no words… sending you all the love in the world during this tremendously difficult time,” writes one friend on Michael’s Facebook, while Cyra’s aunt shares, “My niece! You and Jafria didn’t deserve this! I’m so sorry I love you so much please God be with my brother and his wife please God take Cyra into your arms as we cannot.”

Jafria describes Cyra as a social little girl who was already walking, talking, singing, and dancing in her account of her daughter’s lively personality.

“She waved at everyone and made sure they saw her smile and she brought light to their day. She was beautiful and funny and smart, soooo smart! She absolutely blew my mind every day with how smart she was.”

Jafria continues, “She had sooo many friends and was so kind. She had the biggest, sweetest heart. It was amazing seeing her with her father everyday and I was so happy that I got to look into her big blue eyes everyday for the rest of my life.”

“I was so ready to show her the world. We gave her such a big life in the little time she had and for that I am grateful. A piece of me is gone forever and nothing will ever be the same…We never expected to have to deal with anything like this in our lives.”

Police stated that no charges have yet been filed, but the YCSO Criminal Investigations Bureau is still looking into the circumstances surrounding the toddler’s death.

    What a heartbreaking story. We send our love and thoughts to Cyra’s family and wish them the best in their time of healing.